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Best Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

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Are you and your loved ones going to Fort Lauderdale? Then, you should be aware that Fort Lauderdale is a diverse city with a wealth of free activities, from its large beaches to its popular dining and entertainment areas. Though there are plenty of things to do on land, it is best renowned for its yachting culture.

Get through the following information to find the best things to explore in the same city.

These are the best places to visit in Fort Lauderdale-
Walk down Las Olas Boulevard
When in Fort Lauderdale, one of the most exciting avenues to visit has got to be Las Olas Boulevard. Brimming with everything from the greatest restaurants and bars to boutiques, museums, and culinary hotspots. After a full day of exploration, it's truly a wonderful place to visit in the early evening.

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The Museum of Stranahan House
One of the things you really must see in the city is the Stranahan House Museum. Known as the founder of Fort Lauderdale, it is the oldest in the entire county. At different points in its history, it was a post office and a trading post. Today, it is a beloved museum where you can discover everything there is to know about the building's past and Fort Lauderdale in general.

Butterfly World
Butterfly World has been inviting visitors to experience the whimsical experience of up-close encounters with vibrant butterflies. Thousands of fluttering insects will surround you as you stroll around the expansive grounds. Butterfly World is going to have up to fifty different species of butterflies during the year! Not only that, Butterfly World offers visitors the opportunity to engage with lovely lorikeets in their tropical bird aviaries.

The Beach at Fort Lauderdale
A trip to Fort Lauderdale wouldn't be complete without dipping your toes into the ocean at Fort Lauderdale Beach. In addition to being a wonderful place for a stroll, the seaside promenade that stretches the length of the shore is also a wonderful place to spend a lazy weekend or have a picnic. There may not be much beach parking available, so you might want to ride your bike or take an Uber to and from the beach.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, affectionately known as "the Central Park of Fort Lauderdale," is a tranquil haven away from the busy metropolis where you can unwind and see gopher tortoises. Take the boat out for a day and use the tunnel underneath A1A to reach the beach.

Las Olas Boulevard
Strolling down Las Olas Boulevard is a must in Fort Lauderdale. The roadway is lined with eateries, retail establishments, and entertainment centers. Before having a bite to eat, peruse the displays at high-end retailers such as Lilly Pulitzer. A wide variety of restaurants are available.

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The Yard
Under the canopy of colorful eucalyptus trees, this little village offers a plethora of dining and retail options. After doing your shopping at Lola's Market, stop by The Alchemist Coffee and Slicers for a cup of coffee and New Day Desserts Bakery for some delicious treats. Check out the vibrant, life-size murals that deserve a prominent place on your Instagram page.

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