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Can I change my name on the KLM flight?

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Yes. KLM Airlines allows passengers to change their names until the date of departure by submitting a name change request form through authorized channels. You will need to attach all supportive documents and may need to pay name change fees. Learn more about the name change provision through this blog.

What is the KLM Name Change policy?
KLM Airlines understands that passengers may find difficulty and make errors in mentioning their name at the time of initial reservation. To save them from such scenarios, the airline offers a name change policy that allows them to make a certain type of change in their name. As per the KLM Name Change policy, the airline enables passengers to correct their names. However, transferring tickets or changing ownership is not entertained by the airline. If you are making a change in name, it should be identical to your legal documents. For further information, speak with your travel agent or airline representative.

What documents does KLM need to make changes in your name?
KLM asks passengers to submit legal documents, passports, birth certificates, and other government-authorized documents. You will need to pay the applicable charges and service fees. The airline asked the passenger to submit the documents as mentioned earlier to investigate the authenticity of the name. If your name does not appear similar to your ticket name, the airline will treat your booking as void and terminate your booking. The airline will charge full ticket fare as cancellation fees and you will not be eligible for any refund.

Who qualifies for a name change with KLM?
All passengers who hold valid tickets with KLM Airlines qualify for the name change. They need to submit all supporting documentation and pay applicable charges to make corrections to your name. Passengers who want to change their name fully are not eligible to board. To correct your name, you will need to make a name change request within the stipulated time devised by the airline.

How to make changes in my name without paying additional charges?
You can make corrections to your name for free by requesting a change within 24 hours of booking. However, the airline allows free name changes only if the booking date is seven or more days away from the departure date. To submit a name change request, you must submit all supportive documents and pay applicable fees and taxes.

How to request a name change over the phone?
Dial the customer service number and follow the prompts to get connected with the available travel agent.
The agent will ask you to share booking credentials, such as the confirmation number and family name of each passenger who needs to make changes in their name.
Share all requested documents along with other supporting documents. It will help the agent to make proper corrections in your name.
To confirm your response, pay applicable taxes and other charges. Once the changes are made, you will receive confirmation mail on your registered email ID.
KLM Airlines does allow passengers to correct their names. They value passenger trust and allow free changes; however, the changes need to be made within the risk-free period. If you have any queries or want support in submitting the KLM Seat Selection request, speak with the customer service team. Communicate with the team, and they will solve your concern quite comfortably.

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